JSP include directive

JSP include directive? include directive in JSP, is used by application programmers to get the contents of a page included to the current JSP at the time of translation. It has following syntax: You may recall that <jsp:include …/> action also has the same functionality. Now you should be wondering why are both the action […]

JSP directives

What is a directive? A directive in JSP, represents an instruction to the translator to modify the structure of the auto generated servlet at the time of translation on behalf of the programmer. You have been already told that for each JSP, a servlet class is auto generated. Sometimes modifications are required in this servlet […]

Practical example of external objects in jsp

Practical use of external objects in JSP: To demonstrate the use of external objects with the help of useBean, setProperty & getProperty actions, I have created a simple web application. Following diagram describes the flow of application: Description of the diagram: Source code of the application: First, the home page index.html. <b>Rectangle Home</b> <form action="rect.jsp"> […]