what is the difference b/w static & dynamic website?

In the current information age, web sites have become an important tools in the hands of governments, business organizations and individuals to reach out to their target audiences beyond geographical boundaries. In a simple, technical jargon free and easy to understand way: A web site is a collection of web pages which are stored on […]

difference between get and post request?

Get request is designed to fetch (read) contents  from the server and the Post request is designed to submit (save or update) contents on the server. This perspective of receiving and giving provides the base for understanding all their differences. Difference between get and post request: In get request, data are sent as part of the […]

What is the difference between web and application server?

In order to execute a Java application, A web or application server having a servlet container is required. A web server knows only how to intercept HTTP requests and how to return contents of static web pages. It doesn’t know how to execute servlets. A servlet container extends the functionality of a web server by […]

A simple java web application

When you learned programming chances are that the first meaningful program you wrote was to add two numbers. To continue the convention, we will be doing the same in our first java web application. Usually requests are submitted to web applications from a browser which supports HTML interface hence to receive two numbers from the […]

java web application deployment modes and formats

Understanding java web application deployment Deployment is the process of uploading a web application on a web server in such a format that it can be managed and executed by the server. Servlet API, defines standard formats for packaging and distributing java web applications. A Java web application can be deployed in the following two […]