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action tags of jsp

The Action tags of JSP: Action tags in JSP facilitate automation of common operations such as creation of objects, setting objects’ properties, writing objects’ property values to the output stream, including the contents of a component to the response of current request and forwarding request to another component etc. An action tag has following syntax: […]

JSP useBean action tag

External objects in JSP: In a JSP page, two types of objects can be used: 1. implicit objects 2. external objects Implicit objects are Servlet & JSP API objects which are made available by default in the _jspService() method. External objects are objects of user defined or library classes which are created in the _jspService() […]

Practical example of external objects in jsp

Practical use of external objects in JSP: To demonstrate the use of external objects with the help of useBean, setProperty & getProperty actions, I have created a simple web application. Following diagram describes the flow of application: Description of the diagram: Source code of the application: First, the home page index.html. <b>Rectangle Home</b> <form action="rect.jsp"> […]