5 career selection mistakes to avoid

Almost every day I come across people who feel they are stuck in their career. It doesn’t excite them any more emotionally, intellectually or financially. Either they are not getting the desired outcome or are unable to cope up with the requirements of the chosen career.

They try to switch the boat mid way but lack the enthusiasm, risk taking ability and the time they had when they started their career. They don’t have any idea about what went wrong in their chosen career?

All of these people had made one of the following 5 career selection mistakes. If you don’t want to be like them then you should avoid these:


5 career selection mistakes:

1. Don’t select a career because it is easy?

This is the most common mistake people make to select a career. It is a natural human tendency to pick the easy task when one is given a set of options. The easy task may not be the most rewarding in the long run.

For example, a lot of people prefer to do their family business because they know its nitty-gritty. To venture into an unknown field seems daunting to them.

When you are a starting a career, you have the time and energy to learn a complex skill, which may fetch you good returns for the investment of your time in the long run.

You don’t have liabilities hence you can take risks of venturing into the new domains.


2. Don’t be part of the herd?

Another common mistake committed by the people is that they choose a career because their friends, seniors or every one else is doing it. This is called herd mentality.

For example, thousands of engineering colleges  and a lot of IT companies came up in India in the last decade. As a result their ensued a mad rush of software engineering.  People who even didn’t possess required logical and analytical skills, enrolled themselves for the software engineering course, because everyone around them was doing the same and they didn’t want to be left behind.

Each person in this world is unique. You have different set of skills and preferences than others. Instead of following others, focus on your strength and choose the profession in which you know you can excel .

3. Don’t select a career because it is lucrative?

The most important criteria for a lot of people to choose a career is money. They simply look for those career where a lot of money can be made.  A common example of this is the film industry. It has glamor and lot of money hence thousands of people every day goes to Mumbai to be the next Sharukh Khan and almost 99.9 percent end up being a failure.

Instead of running after the money you should focus on the skills building. If you become specialist in any field, money will automatically come to you. Just focus on the “Saraswati”, “Lakshmi” will come on its own.

4. Don’t select a career because it is secure?

A lot of people run after the job security. They usually prefer government jobs over the corporate jobs. Such people forget that in this fast changing world, there is no such thing as job security. A job is secure as long as you are competent for it.   

Successful people understand that job security breeds complacency, and mediocrity. When the job of a person is secure, the urge to take the risk is lost as a result growth it stopped. 

5. Don’t select a career because it has highest no of jobs?

Some people choose a career by the number of opportunities it provides. They think that if a career has more jobs then they have more chance of getting one of them. They forget that other people also think in the same way. By selecting the most in demand career option they end up being the part of the toughest competition.  

It doesn’t matter how many jobs a career option has, If you are master in it you will get one. Your focus should be on being the master of the chosen field. Your specialization will take care of the rest.


Its time to recap the main points:

    1. Identify your preferences and abilities.
    2. Select the career which is compatible to your skills and preferences.
    3. Strive to be the master in the chosen field.
    4. Don’t follow the herd, stay on your course even if every one else is going in other direction.
    5. Don’t be afraid of venturing into the unknown, take risk.
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